Groundhog Day

As 2010 moved to a close, I had big plans to start off 2011 and kick into a higher gear. As can be plainly seen, that did not happen. The drive to find and then move into a new home took most of my time and whatever was left over was sucked up by learning a new job.

It’s a shame that I missed January because there was much to comment about especially in the news.  I had things to say about my support of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, how the government is wasting our tax dollars on the folly of believing it can secure the Internet, various suggestions on how to fix California’s current budget crisis, and how I am starting to feel like my attempt to move in some ways toward the political middle and have some understanding for those far to the right just doesn’t seem to be working out for me.

I might still get to those issues in  one form or another.  As for what will actually come out, only time will tell…although I hope it does not take as much time as it was from my previous entry here until this one.  Things are settling down somewhat as I get into the rhythm of my new job and settled into a home that is either the second coming of the Possum Lodge or could be the physical embodiment of Brokedown Palace.

Whatever happens and when, I thought it would be appropriate on this Groundhog Day 2011 to poke my head out of my hole and take a look around to see if this website is going to have an early spring or another six weeks of winter.  At the moment, I think that life is going to start springing up here very soon.  Then again, with the track record I have had ever since starting this dog and pony show in 2005, this might end up being the same story all over again just like another famous Groundhog Day.

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