Good Sight on a Dark Night

Gulf Dealers - 1950s

Gulf Dealers – 1950s
Scan Copyright © The Cardboard America Archives (Jordan Smith) on Flickr.
All rights reserved.

Beautiful, simple, effective, perfectly conveys emotion…for a photographic ad, it doesn’t get any better than this.

This ad comes courtesy of Jordan Smith who, on Twitter under @Cardboard73s, is currently "tweeting" a countdown of his 100-favorite posts on Flickr in celebration of to-be-announced date and number milestones in his prolific scanning and posting career. While my readers should notice quite a few credits to Jordan including the Sea Dip Motel postcard which would certainly be in my top five out of his posts (if only because it’s the one that started me passing along material like his), for me, nothing beats this Gulf ad.

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