Buy Once-a-Week, Your ‘Quality Street’

Mackintosh's Quality Street - 1959
Mackintosh’s Quality Street – 1959
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Quality Street is a long-time popular assortment of candies in the United Kingdom. Sadly, Mackintosh’s is yet another confectioner that has ended up in the hands of the evil NestlĂ© S.A. (and if you didn’t realize NestlĂ© was evil, poke around in your favorite search engine to learn how they are pumping millions of gallons of water out of my San Bernardino National Forest without a permit in the middle of the worst drought in California’s recorded history).

3 Reasons Why These 3 Can’t Win!

North American Aviation - published in Life - August 31, 1942
North American Aviation – published in Life – August 31, 1942
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A couple of things I find interesting about this ad…

Notice how the headline is "these 3" yet Benito Mussolini is not mentioned in the text. I find this odd as it would be almost another year before he was removed from power.

I also find the illustration quite noteworthy. While certainly not a flattering caricature, this is one of the few wartime illustrations of Emperor Hirohito or any Japanese person during World War II that did not include any racial stereotypes.