Monday, Monday, Can’t Trust that Day

A new post in Radionomy’s technical forum states that they will begin to fix the problems with all of their stations (including KoHoSo Radio 66) on Monday morning in France (that’s where the company is located). Maybe we’ll be lucky and the problem will be solved in time for all of my workday listeners in the USA and Canada to tune in as usual Monday morning over here.

Down But Not Out

Yes, I am painfully aware that KoHoSo Radio 66 has been filled with dead air between songs lasting 30 seconds and even longer. This is a problem affecting all Radionomy stations not in “live” mode. Apparently, there will be nobody available at Radionomy’s headquarters in France to fix the problem until Monday. I will post again on this as soon as I have any further news. Until then, please be patient as there is nothing else I can do at the moment.

Steaks Our Specialty

Gene Ball's Restaurant - Point Pleasant, West Virginia U.S.A. - date unknown
Gene Ball’s Restaurant – Point Pleasant, West Virginia U.S.A. – date unknown
Scan Copyright © The Cardboard America Archives on Flickr. All rights reserved.
Found via Cardboard America

At the time I am writing this, Jordan Smith of "Cardboard America" and his tons of other sites has 21,830 items in his Flickr account. While each one is appreciated, in the postcard department, this one is solidly in my top five favorites that he’s ever posted. I am eternally grateful to Jordan for preserving these precious and fragile pieces of 20th Century commercial history.